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photo's in banner © R. Schoeber, K. Põiklägu & S. Vega Wollbraaten

Championship Show


The N.S.V. held her annual championship show on the 29th of october 2022.



Mrs. Roel v. Veen- Keur (Dogs)

Mrs. Nadija Timmermans-Kadenko (Bitches)


Best Male: O'Biwan Kenobi de L'ile des Bergers,own. Iris Thalen-v. Oorschot

Best Female & Clubwinner 2022: Ch. Dandlewood End of Story,, own. J.N. van Ulsen.





The N.S.V. organises meetings, walks and fun days throughout the country.  We also organise a championship show once a year where there is a double CAC to be won. The membership of our club can be applied by filling in the form on our website or get in touch with our membership administration.


The costs for the membership in 2023 per year are:

Full members € 28,50 


Family members (no club magazine) € 16,-- p.p.
Foreign members € 37,50 p.p.

Miss. J. Noordhoek

Vlotgras 3 

3994 MS Houten


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